Germany: foreigners, violence, sex and compassion

by snowden1984

The notion that beautiful, humane, free Germany is being depredated by barbarians, whether from the region of Bautzen, north Africa, Syria, or elsewhere, depresses. 

The seemingly quotidian news of random acts of physical and sexual violence, and the spontaneous response of readers, is non-trivial.

There seems to be a pattern. The perpetrator often turns out to be of ‘southern appearance’, then is called ‘a foreigner’, and finally turns out to be a ‘refugee’. Probably statistically irrelevant — but our political decisions and cultural shifts are not always driven by statistical data and logic, or with cognizance of the empirical evidence that all peoples are capable of violence.

Indeed, in a recent interview, a serial burglar revealed his annoyance at the refugees automatically getting a better deal than him, although he had been in Germany for twenty years — if even poorly-educated foreigners can hold resentment, one can imagine that it is no unique phenomenon. Of course, I also am acquainted with college-educated foreigners who grumble about the dangers of the unwashed entering ‘their’ boulevards.

Recently, one lady who claimed to have first-hand experience dealing with male refugees said that there was enormous, widespread sexual repression. Many of them had, apparently, never masturbated.

Apart from instruction in the local language, and basic ideas of freedom, equality, privacy, dignity and community, perhaps also sexual education is needed. Perhaps, along with gratis housing, food, and education, one also needs to provide sexual counseling, and how to access a brothel.

And if the basic values of the West, won at a cost of many bloody centuries, and now responsible for so much well-being, conflict with those of the newcomer, they should be given space to reflect and make a choice, to stay or to relocate to another part of the world more suited to them, or to question their own weltanschauung, or to explore ways in which the two can meet.

In any case, rejection of Western values is not limited to scruffy looking refugees — one sees it in the rallies of the Neo Nazis, and in the marginalized sub-cultures which can barely speak the language.

And then there are the so-called expats. Leaving aside the mysterious criteria that differentiates expats, migrants, invaders, and occupiers, there are also well-to-do foreigners, many of whom are largely ignorant of German language and culture. Some of them despise other foreigners. Some of them openly mock Germans, yet insist on staying on. This is a commonly observed trait with many expats. I have heard a foreigner, an Indian, in Switzerland openly call for a nuclear holocaust against a certain people, and seen another, a German, who refuses to speak the German language with dark-skinned people (and presumably with Slavs and Jews). These two people work in the heart of the Swiss economy, and are, superficially anyway, integrated. In truth, their views of the world belong to the mid-1930s.
At least the Germans have not lost their sense of humor. Following the stabbing of a youth in Hamburg, a reader’s one-word question was answered by another reader, also with a single word.

Reader 1: Skin-color?

Reader 2: Yes.

Of course, this being Germany where one wishes to be clear, and where Ophelia’s father is not especially well-regarded, Reader 2 added, ‘the suspect is bound to have a skin-color’. But perhaps I am unjust, and it was compassion for the slow. The same compassion that has seen thousands of the wretched being accepted into German society.