Resist the sillier memes

by snowden1984

In the upcoming US elections, vote for whomever you prefer, or refuse to vote. Please do not, however, allow the more inane forms of manipulation to pass unquestioned.

Ein Volk, eine Meinung — translates as ‘one people, one opinion’, echoing the slogan ‘one people, one land, one leader’ from a certain period of German history. Might not be that of Egon Krenz, to think of it.

This silly ‘meme’ is symptomatic, alas.

I saw a person, well-educated and familiar with the broad themes of German history in the 1930s and 1940s, encouraging a Hilary vote because Trump apparently wants to ‘send US citizens to Guantanamo’. If you believe that human rights, which include protection against illegitimate incarceration and torture, are dependent upon accident of birth or nationality, then you do not believe in human rights. Such a qualification to human rights was not out of place in certain parts of German history. 

(Not the current German republic, of course, whose constitution starts with human dignity as a right not dependent upon anything else.)

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