Outreaching Kafka and Dante: footwear democracy in India

by snowden1984


It is a pity that India as a land of snake-charmers and other amusing exotica does not exist. If it did, then hundreds of millions would not have to live where parliamentarians feel empowered to repeatedly strike a 60-year-old with their footwear because they were assigned an economy-class seat in an airplane instead of a privileged one in business-class.

The Kafkaesque about this recent incident is that the plane had only economy-class seating.

The Dantesque is that the Honorable Member of Parliament then went on to publicly not just admit his guilt but crudely boast of it.

But then imagination ceases, because the political party this gentleman represents has brazenly called for a public protest — in favor of the gentleman and against the resulting ban by the airline on this legislator flying with them again.

Not a criminal prosecution for assault, not a resignation from Parliament, not a contrite apology — that is what one might expect in a civilized country. Instead, the wielder of the footwear-as-instrument-of-debasement is being defended by a street demonstration, which is a legitimate action in a democracy, in the world’s largest democracy, in a democracy where willing slaves choose their own tormentors.

If the premises of the Indian Parliament were to be used to offer snake-charming courses instead, would it not be more conducive to the dignity of man?

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